Next show is in Santa Monica CA

27 May 2006

I am getting ready for the next show, CONTEMPORARY CRAFTS MARKET, organized by Roy Helms & Associates. It will be held in Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, 1855 Main Street, Santa Monica CA on Fri., June 9, Sat., June 10 and Sun., June 11 from 10AM to 6PM daily.
There are a limited number of free passes available at this
website as well as information about all the exhibiting artists.
I will be in booth #524, that is the side room, not the most visible location but one with lots of natural light. The daylight allows one to see the true colors of the silks.
We are preparing the stock for shipment to CA, this will be the first show where we have the new scarf, the QUETZALCOATL.

Currently we have the quetzalcoatl in these colorways:
red pop,
cyan cancan,
purple passion,
arctic bloom.
This is a long skinny scarf, it is a double layer of double pleated arashi shibori. The silk is sheer, matte finished soft organza–still light weight but the colors are more intense because of the matte finish. The colors look very Caribbean. The long feather-pleated scarf looks like a snake covered in feathers. Hence the name. QUETZALCOATL is the plumed serpent god of the Aztecs and their ancestors. I think this god gave these peoples chocolate and I hope the name is a good omen for those who wear the quetzalcoatl.


2 Responses to “Next show is in Santa Monica CA”

  1. Entwinements, a shibori blog

    I found a blog last week that I’ve been meaning to write about but I just couldn’t figure out where to start with it. The first descriptive that comes to mind is “an amazing display of intellectual generosity” but that…


  2. Dear Karen:
    I am a fiber artist who in past years worked in Traditional rug hooking and have had my work published in magazine and book format. I only recently discovered your marvelous talent through a mutual good friend Eva McGehee of Jupiter FL.,who has also introduced me to the silk world and I have begun to dye silk but have much to learn. I love your new design quetzalcoatl (it reminds me of the Oriental motif of the Dragon) Stunning and beautiful. You can see one of my rugs on URL Christmas 2006. I would love to continue study and posts to Entwinements. I know you must be extremely busy but happy in silk. In contemporary society I do not know if we find many men who work in silk but remember the Masters in Japan. I hope to learn much more about Shibori from Masters like you. Have a great show in Santa Monica. Thank you.


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