Final Preparations for Santa Monica

6 June 2006

I leave tomorrow for Contemporary Crafts Market in Santa Monica CA website and a few of our experiments are good enough to take a long. Both of these involve having two base colors instead of one.
The first one is a medium feather pleated boa with red pop and turquoise seamed together in the middle (the seam runs crossways).
turq:red feather.jpg
The second one is a quetzalcoatl which is also feather pleated but made of two layers of silk. One layer is red pop and the other is purple passion.
red:purple quetzalcoatl.jpg

I think that both these colorways work well.
My process to create all the colors in these pieces is:
*start with the dyed colors
*wrap them on a pole–arashi shibori
*discharge some of the color
*over-dye to add many new colors over the discharge
When both colors are wrapped on the pole they are first discharged together obviously since they are wound up together. They must both discharge at a similar rate, at the same concentration. What is much more common is that one color discharges faster than the other, then you have to make a choice. You can stop when the easily discharged color is discharged but some of the original color remains but the other color is intact. This can make it very difficult to get any new colors on the intact color. Or you can continue to discharge until you get some color lifting out of the more difficult to discharge one, but usually by that time you have lost all of the original color of the other.
So finding TWO color combinations that discharge well together is a tiny miracle. Then I overdye them, here they must look good with the same new colors. A subtle silver green might look very lovely with a dove grey but next to a very bright red just looks like dirt. So finding two colors that discharge well together and then look good with the same overdyes is a bigger miracle.
I’m grateful to have found two combinations, the red pop with the turquoise is my favorite; a little unexpected don’t you think?


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