Return from Santa Monica

15 June 2006

The trip to Santa Monica was lovely, and the side trip to see the Getty Center was nourishment for the aesthetic soul.

I don’t think that I have ever had so many people ask me if I MADE my shibori scarves! My answer is that everyone in the show makes what they sell.
This show is a juried show, as are all the shows I do, and even the website says that
” All the work in our shows is made by the participating artists. ”
So what caused this group of people to ask this more than others?
Was there no other shibori at the show?
The woman across the aisle from me, Eileen Tabata Fitzpatrick of the Sachiko Collection had traditional Japanese kanko shibori pieces sewn into her jackets. Candiss Cole had her own shibori done on handwoven and Gloria Lewis, who studied with me briefly, had some lovely stitched (mokume) shibori there. Justine Limpus Parish had pleated clothing, not resist-dyeing, not silk but the pleats have a similar quality to mine. True, my work looks different from each of these, and this is as it should be, everyone should have their own style.
In Southern California, at least as seen in this show, the hippy traditions are still alive and appreciated. My work has a very polished quality, as opposed the a rustic character, and this could be what they were responding to.


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