Outfits for runway show

16 June 2006

Grace is coming today to work briefly on the sting ray outfit that we are making for Art in Motion to be held at the Textile Center in Minneapolis in October. There was a call for entries, a jury and now we need to make 3-6 outfits to send by the end of September.
This will be the 3rd time we have participated, a runway show is time consuming to put on so we are honored to be part of the event.

Last year we sent several outfits, Copper Tails and Las Ondas Negras. .The Textile Center and the local PBS station taped the show and aired it locally and made a DVD. We also showed both outfits in the runway show at the Surface Design Conference (conference archives) held last June in Kansas City
Here are some images of the CopperTails outfit composed of a halter jacket with a bare back and tails to the floor. It is made from my feather pleated arashi shibori and tipped with seed beads. The bias cut pants drape at the ankles. It is all silk and we dyed all of it since it all goes with the shibori.


3 Responses to “Outfits for runway show”

  1. Sue Gonter-Dray Says:

    We were showing some of Nik’s friends your products. They are just beautiful. Sue


  2. Lila M Smith Says:

    Hello: I have a few of your pieces that I wear a lot and LOVE! I saw a piece you did in a color I would like to have, but it was a larger one than I would use. The scarf shown likecoal or irridescent black feathers. Black with blue, purple, teal iridecent highlights. I would like one with lenghthwise pleatting, about 55-60″ long when done. Was that the Aurora Borealis or Bosssa Nova Black? I would be wearing it with black. My favorite colors are black, deep purple,and bluish red. I never wear yellow as it makes me look ill and clashes with my grey hair.I like dark drama. Thankyou, Lila M Smith 612-331-8875


  3. Karren Says:

    Dear Lila,
    Thankyou for your kind comments.
    We can always make any style we have in our line now in Aurora Borealis or Bossa Nova Black. What style did you have in mind ?, there are pictures of each style at http://entwinements.com/blog-mt3/2006/06/entwinements_scarves_and_shawl.html. You have to follow links and click on the style to download the pdf for each style. From what you said it sounds like you might be talking about a shawl, http://entwinements.com/blog-mt3/Shawl.pdf .
    About yellow, I understand your adversion to it. We have very few colorways without some bit of yellow. But then it depends on what you call yellow. Both Aurora Borealis and Bossa Nova Black have a gold in them. Aurora Borealis discharges to a yellow and I can never get it all covered up. Anthracite is a mid-value colorway without yellow, it has peaches and corals mixed in with blues and lavenders. Tiny bits of the yellow family lighten and add high energy to any mix, without it the mix is often lifeless.
    The colors that are in our current line without yellow are Rose Gold, Green Tea, Semiprecious Turquoise, Cyclamen, Kumquat, Spice and Black/Champange. Discontinued colorways that we still have a few of, include Deep Iris, Red Roses and Sedona Turquoise.


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