More indigo shibori

2 July 2006

It’s easy to get excited dyeing indigo shibori at the Textile museum in DC and the event 1 July.
Indigo is ideal for first shibori projects because it is so easy to resist. And the fuzzy edges have nice gradations. The hard part is the indigo vat—the second time you set up a vat it is straight forward. But now there is instant indigo, a freeze dried mixture that contains indigo, alkali and reducing agent and all you have to do is dissolve it. Here is an excellent description of its use. I bought my instant indigo from John Marshall, who was one of the first to sell it here in the US. Others sell it now in smaller quanities,Paraside Fibers. I would probably call Earthues and order indigo from Michele Wipplinger.
Once you feel comfortable with the indigo vat, it is cheaper just to buy regular indigo. Michele at Earthues has an indigo kit, her instructions are the best!


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