7 July 2006

Here is a list of our current colorways. I know you would like swatches of each colorway, I just haven’t figured out how to do that yet. Photographing the scarves looses a lot of the color, just the strongest contrasts show. And then colors on computer monitors are all over the place.
At one time I made up some small scarves and cut them in half to make swatches that I sent out (each swatch was 1/2 of a scarf). The first problem was that if one of the many over-dye colors got centered in the swatch, it gives the impression that that the colorways is only 2-toned, or if one color got cut off completely… The two swatches made from the same scarf could look very different. The second problem was that the last time I sent out the swatches people started whacking off pieces. This exacerbated the first problem and made them unusable.
So for now the only way to truly see the colors is to do it in person. And we are stuck trying to communicate with words about colors. I know no words can substitute for seeing them so all are returnable if you don’t like the color.
At our shows there are always more colorways than the ones on the list, could be old colors that we no longer make, experimental colors,… Ask, we might have it.


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