Slow Fashion….

9 July 2006

Summer reading, ummm…. I found an article by Sandy Black in Issue #1, page 24 of Selvedge,
“Asian Fusion:Designers that revere age and experience”.
“Fashion does exist that is built on lasting quality and an aesthetic which endure beyond one season; that appeals particularly to the growing demographic of older people, including the highly sophisticated design-aware ‘baby-boomer’ generation. This older consumer is far more demanding and confident than previous generations; they respond to timeless, understated clothes with high design values.
Other factors reinforce this dissatisfaction with style at high speed….These clothes do not change significantly with seasonal fashion, but sit alongside it;not anti, they are parrallel with fashion, not dependent on catwalks or major advertising budgets, yet quietly aspirational. It’s an evolutionary design sensibility rather than one of radical change.”
These ideas are in line with what I have observed selling my hand-made scarves. My customers are definitely older and confident. They have a strong sense of design, and they want a color to coordinate with what they have in their existing wardrobe. I have the impression most they want to make a quiet statement, not scream– look at me. Most do not want their clothes to up-stage who they are and what they have achieved in life. I’ve had clients tell me they wanted a scarf to wear when they received a banking award or an architecture prize in Italy. I don’t think these women are like the previous generations, they have have come a long way and still are still looking down the road to see where it will lead them.


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