Carter Smith’s shibori

29 July 2006

Carter has staying power! He started with tie-dye in the 60’s , evolved his own style and now call himself a shibori artist. He makes and sells his famous “K” dress– becoming in floaty silk chiffon. Here is a video with him, I don’t know when the video was made but I think this is the big house in MA that recently burned.
his web site
A much more informative article and one that talks about his “K” dress is this one associated whith his exhibition at the CAC in Cincinnati in 2000-2001. article
Carter’s work is published in
early work in Batik and Tie Dye Techniques by Nancy Belfer
Ornament, Autumn 1997 Volume 21 No. 1
Memory on Cloth: Shibori Now, Y. Wada
You can see how he works in Textile Dyeing:The Step-By-Step Guide and Showcase
by Kate Broughton.
I have seen a large selection of his work, and to my knowlwdge he doesn’t use arashi shibori techniques nor does he keep the texture. He works with acid dyes and discharges.
My observation is that working for the final effect in a pattern is different that working for a final effect in texture. At least I find that I work different.
The things I most admire about Carter’s work is his unique style of patterning and is evolution, and his willingness to go for it! He will embrace anything helpful and will try many more things than most others.


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