A way to wear the small scarf

1 August 2006

Entwinements makes and sells, only at craft fairs, what we call small scarves. We sell then for $55 each. These are ready made blanks we buy in plain white silk, usually 14″ x 60″, a normal scarf size. All our other scarves start out as really big pieces of silk. We then– dye, wash and iron, pole wrap,discharge, overdye, sett the pleats, dry –just like all the other scarves in our production line. The finished pleated scarf looks much smaller, hence the name small scarf. I think they look very small altho’ I have many patrons who like to wear them just like this.
Since all that silk is still there I think sometimes you want to show off more of the silk and colors. Here is very simple way to tie it that opens up the scarf.
One problem I had taking these pictures was needing my hands to tie the scarf and also needing them to take the pictures. I substituted pins for my hands in the tying process, probably better not to have my hands blocking part of your view anyhow.
Arrange the scarf around your neck as in the above picture then tie it in a simple overhand knot like so.
You can place the knot up tight against your neck or down low, where ever you want the embellishment to be.
Then somewhere along the edges or hem of the scarf you pinch out two little ears, think mouse ears.
I said little ears, if you get the whole scarf in the ears it doesn’t work very well, it just becomes a bow.
Now you take these ears and tie them in a simple overhand knot, just like the one you did first.
This snapshot is not as good as seeing it done, but it is what we have today. Then you pull on the ears until it is tight against the first knot. Voila!
Usually the tighter you pull the more the scarf opens.
I think that this tie is magical for this small scarf. It is almost as difficult to control as magic too. If you don’t like it just do it again, it will be different.
Where you make the ears does effect how big the flowery poof is and how long the tails are. If you are not liking what happens when you tie it, try making the little ears closer to the neck, this will usually make the poof part smaller and the tails longer. If you make the ears lower the poof gets bigger. Don’t be afraid to pull tight when making the second knot, if it is not tight it will fall out just like a loosely tied bow would.
DISCLAIMER: This is for those of you who call me up on the telephone and want a verbal expanation of how to do this. That is a challenge I have not been able to meet, I hope this is more helpful. This is by no means the correct way or the only way to wear this scarf! Anyway you like is fine for your scarf.


3 Responses to “A way to wear the small scarf”

  1. Dawn Cloake Says:

    Karen, beautiful scarf and excellent instruction. Lovely photos and very artistic way to tie the scarf. Thankyou, Dawn Claoke UK


  2. Danielle Says:

    Brainstorm!! You should market Shibori wedding dresses/gowns….think the bohemian lookers-sell to the same folks who wear Ghost of London(that would be me-but not getting married right now). I took a class in Shibori and well, I did not have the patience it required. But it is fascinating…


  3. Karren Says:

    For one who specailizes in color and lots of it in each piece I might find the wedding gown palette a little limiting.


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