Special pieces for San Francisco-sets

6 August 2006

This is a continuation of special pieces. I am also taking a few sets-composed of an opera shawl and a feather pleated scarf- with me to San Francisco ACC show next week. Five got shipped and I can take others if some one has interest. Here are some professional photographs of a sets.
These two pieces are dyed together every step of the way and so must be sold as a set (ordering one of the pieces is an option), but they can be worn together or separately, giving at least three different looks from the set.
The simplest, made upon request, is a green tea set. Green tea is an oreintal version of lime green, no extra layers of shibori.
greentea set.jpg
Then I have some with capped borders. This one is nasturtium (oranges) and cyclamen (rosey coral).
nas-cyc set.jpg
This one is chili red with black.
And this one is a mid-tone grey, called dawn mist, with black.
dawnmistwblk .jpg
And the most complex extra shibori layer, stitched and white shadow, in a soft cameo color overlaid with chocolate.
If you have ever looked at a row of televisions in an airplane and noticed how each is a different color you have noted how reliable the color is on your monitor. I have no idea what color you are seeing. One time I recieved a color of the week from Pantone, labelled Moroccan Orange and I was looking at an olive green! You must see these pieces in person to know the color.


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