More for San Francisco

7 August 2006

Well here are some wraps that are NOT packed for SF. I did pack 4 wraps, from current colorways: in pink diamonds, bing salsa, anthracite and black/champange.
These are special pieces, much like the ones already dicussed here and here with extra layers of shibori dyeing, capped, mountain path or something. These I can take along in my suitcase if they are of interest to any of you.
This one is purple passion with a capped border in green tea around all the edges. Very upbeat.
This bright red one has three canary yellow motifs, here is the large one in the center; a crescent, the other two are smaller near circles.
This is a bold color statement and bold motifs.
Next is a more analogous color combination, the base color was bands of purple and bright blue. They do blend together n the photo, but if you peer hard you can see both.
Now I present before and after pictures. Before–wrapped on the pole. It is a wrapped wrap (sorry). You can clearly see the two colors called thyme and garnet.
wrapped wrap.jpg
And here is the finished wrap.
This is not all of the collection of special pieces but a start at sharing them with you. You can contact me- comments, email- if you want me to bring along one of these wraps.
*** Remember the color you see on your monitor may not be the color it is.***


2 Responses to “More for San Francisco”

  1. Anne Says:

    Hi Karren, I enjoy reading your blog. You say you can take the beautiful large pieces with you in a suitcase – I’m wondering how do you fold them for transport? And how do you store them in your studio? And for that matter – is it possible to sit down in an opera shawl and not damage the pleats? They look so delicate…


  2. Karren Says:

    A very good question. We roll them up to store and transport them. Rolling is very gentle, as opposed to folding which can form new creases. They are easy to store and transport rolled into a compact ball, making them great for travel.
    These pleats can not be wet, they are silk. All pieces must be dry cleaned. But we do a special process to set the pleats and and they are more durable than you think. We do offer a repleating service, for a fee. But in the 16 years I have been selling pleated shibori I get very few back for repleating (washed out the spilled wine etc.). We actually get more back for bead repair than for repleating. The feather pleated pieces have never come back for repleating, they have some stitching to stablized the first set of pleats.


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