More on the Sting Ray Outfit

19 August 2006

sr underconst-dress.jpg
Time is nearing to send the Sting Ray outfit to Minneapolis, so we need to work on it. The runway show is 21 Oct. at the Bloomington Art Center but the garments have to be at the Center 29 Sept. When I get back from Evanston that is all we will do until about 11 Sept. when Grace leaves town. To review previous post on this outfit check here. I took the fabric for the dress, a silk matelasse that I dyed black with stitched shibori stripes placed in the skirt. It took Grace over 3 hours to steam and get the fabric on grain before she could cut out the dress. I did, in a moment of suspended judgement cut the fabric on the bias but we decided that all the difficulties were really inherent in the fabric, it was like dealing with dyed chiffon–which you can iron any size. Grace cut and basted the dress together adjusting for the shibori pattern.
In the snapshot taken in her small studio, you can see some of the adjustments we have made and all the basting in colored thread. Because of the instablity of the matelasse we decided to underline it with 5mm (very light weight) black china silk and Grace made many stays of black illusion/organza that we are using for the ruffles. I’m glad she likes the texture and drape of the matelasse because it sure has been more of a pain than anticipated. Even the ruffles have been fussy, one side would have 5 waves and the other 6!
I made two different stitched shibori patterns for across the front, one curved that I thought might look different and one on the grain that ended up looking more like the ones on the skirt. The top front yoke has lost its V -cut so matching the two patterns has become an issue.
sr underconst-front yoke.jpg
For all the problems, I think the dress is just the right softness to go under the black leather jacket. Here is a side view and you can see the slim shape and the placement of the shibori stripes. Sorry about the bell-shaped paper with our notes right in the middle.
sr underconst-dress side.jpg
The jacket is also coming along, I took the pleated leather to Grace. Here is a backview of the jacket on top of the dress.
sr underconst-back.jpg
The sing ray leather with its pebbly texture is in the center back. We added a collar stand to help the collar stand up. The pleated leather will go in the open spaces at the side waists. Stitching the pleated leather to the right side and then turning it seemed pretty trickey to us so we decided to sew a thin black cotton to the opening turn that then top stitch the finished edge to the pleated leather. You can see how the ruffle of the dress carries the movement of the bottom of the jacket into the dress.
sr underconst-front.jpg
The front view show the collar and how the waves start there and continue into the bottom of the jacket. You can see the holes at the waist where the pleated leather goes. And a final shot of the side.
sr underconst-side.jpg
The sleeves have been made, except for the pleated insertion at the cuffs (only if we have enough pleated leather). Hopefully most of the technically problems are out of the way and it is just putting it together now.
Did I mention that we have another outfit we are making for the same event! More about that when we move to working on it.
On Thurs. this week I packed up 3 outfits, we made last year, to ship to a runway show in Ft. Collins CO –all part of ARTWEAR: Fashion Week. Pack them up, write up how to wear them, and write up how to return ship. It took all day! I find this a real pain, and when I attend the shows I’m not sure anyone has read any of the instructions. Anyone have any hints on how to make this easier?? I try to think of the people on the other end recieving many peoples works, each with different instructions and requirements. But it is hard to be a happy camper when the model wears turquoise bra and panties that can be seen thru the dress. Here are some collages of the three outfits I made to send along—hoping that a picture is worth a thousand words. I don’t have the thousand words in me.
3 las ondas negras copy.jpg
3coppertails copy.jpg
3 singed illusion.jpg


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  1. Isis Truong Says:

    this last piece is simply breathtaking!


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