Packing for Evanston

22 August 2006

Tomorrow I drive up to Evanston IL beyond Chicago for the American Craft Exposition. Everything arrived safely back from San Fransisco, thanks to Fed Ex. Yesterday and today we have be unpacking and repacking making sure everything is ready for Evanston. We opened my portable walls to dry them out in the studio. Opening two 25′ walls in my studio is no small feat, but here is a shot of the pleated paper walls made by Molo from BC.
paper wall.jpg
Neat,eh? Everything folds up and packs into the PT Cruiser after we take out the back seats.
loading PT.jpg
We still have room to add the four chest that hold the stock and my suitcase. Here is the company fleet loading.
PT .jpg
All the teamsters who load are women.
On a more serious note, I’m taking all the special pieces (i,ii, iii) with me to Evanston. I don’t see any traffic to this blog from the Evanston people like I did before the San Francisco show. Still hope to see a person or two from the blogosphere.


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