Good news and bad..

2 September 2006

We are working away on the garments for the Artwear in Motion because Grace is going to FL around the 12th.
First the bad. The dress was sewn together and pinned to the dress form. In the morning I walked out and saw this:
The center panel is sagging like an 80 year old face! I called Grace, then when she came up we took out those seams and rebasted them. There are 3 fabrics in this seam: shell= matelasse that stretches and gives, under lining= light weight china silk that is stable and the organza of the flounce that is also stable but circular cut so has different grains. After many bastings, and a level of frustration we decided to remove the china silk under lining and sew with a narrow zigzag stitch to allow some stretch. We ended the day twith the whole dress dissassembled.
Grace has inserted the pleated leather panels in the sides of the jacket. They look better than I had imagined!
shibori leather panels.jpg
I cut some inserts for the cuffs out of the remaining pleated leather. This looks like it is coming along nicely.


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