3 September 2006

On Thursday we started with the sting ray dress mostly sewn and finished with it in pieces. The front center front was sagging and our idea was that the under-lining was causing the problem so we took it all apart to remove the china silk under-lining and ended with the dress in pieces. On Friday I put it together again, with out the china silk and using a narrow zigzag stitch and I’m thrilled to report that it now looks good!
You can see for yourself. The rest of the dress is going together just fine. Grace was here yesterday and was showing me the difference between the shape of the dress form and a real person in the underarm area, a critical no gap zone. We’ve put a bone in the facing on the side and eased in the upper edge some more from the side to above the bust point.
One of the problems for these projects is fit. Since we have no idea of the model , we make the outfit and send it off with some indication of the size . They then look for a person to wear it, seldom a professional model. Grace likes to make things to fit. When I see how they look on the models that they have chosen I want elastic everywhere!
On Friday the local radio NPR station, WYSO, ran a program on women’s body image. And the new sin of being fat. First they pointed out that thin does not mean healthy. Healthy is determined by glucose and cholesterol levels, blood pressure…. Any how they said the average size US women is now a size 14. They talked to Lane Bryant about using plus size women for their plus sized line ( the usual plus size model is size 12). Lane Bryant said that they have tried several times using larger women and the styles that they model do not sell. They were convincing that this was a problem.
So my question is how much of the sizes we sell is fit and how much is fantasy?


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