Oops, a sting ray outfit

4 September 2006

this may not be the best monent to put a outfit called a sting ray on the runway. But I think we will carry on.


3 Responses to “Oops, a sting ray outfit”

  1. Claire Says:

    Stingrays are lovely, majestic and docile creatures. I see them frequently as a sea kayaker.
    Steve Irwin pushed the boundaries with wild animals. Whilst unfortunate, it is not suprising that his life has ended this way.
    Anyway, I have enjoyed watching the development of your outfit 🙂


  2. Karren Says:

    I agree. They are beautiful to see move.
    I did see one person who got stung by one. We were playing in a river in Sierra de Perija, on the border between Venezuela and Colombia, when we heard this god-awful screaming. One man in another party had been stung buy a fresh water ray on the foot. I was with an MD so they came to us, but it cost me 2 bottles of rum– to cleanse the wound and numb the pain.
    I visited a marine station in Applachacola(I’m bad with spelling) FL where they raise all kinds of sea creatures and sell them to unviversities and research institutions. When we were near the shallow large tank with the flukes and rays the young biologist that worked there was talking to us and one of the rays swam over and raised its wing out of the water to get petted by the biologists. Who knew they could recognize one person and be affectionate!
    I think that Steve was a risk taker and that it was a freak accident; a barb in the heart.
    Thank you for your support. and comment. Comments make cyberspace seem a little more human. I wish there were more.


  3. Diane Says:

    I believe you started on the jacket before Mr. Crikey decided to swim with the ‘Rays. It seems like this would be riskier than swimming with the dolphins. These are strange times we live in but your jacket is awesome, politically correct or not!


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