String Ray Jacket-coming together

6 September 2006

I spent the yesterday at Grace’s studio in Cinncy. The sting ray jacket is assembled, just needs the hem facings and the lining which is ready.
The sting ray leather in the center back sets the mood for the whole piece. The pleated leather is in the waist panels and cuffs. The collar does stand up.
From the from you can see the collar turning into waves down the front. The panels underneath, lower center front, to fasten took some engineering. The dress is nearly done too. Today we are hemming, attaching straps and lining. Then remove all the colored basting threads.
Grace is leaving Tue. AM for the birth of a grandchild so this and the other outfit must be finished by then.


5 Responses to “String Ray Jacket-coming together”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Wow, this is gorgeous.


  2. Karren Says:

    First of all, thanks for the comment! We bloggers can be egged on by the smallest comment.
    The Jacket looks very much like the first sketches and the muslin but not the same as seeing it in the flesh, or should I say leather.


  3. Toni Says:

    That’s great.
    I’ve just begun dyeing silk and working with shibori techiniques I found online. Do you teach any classes in Ohio? I grew up in Huber Heights(Dayton) and would love an excuse to visit. Yellow Springs was a constant hangout for me and friends in the mid 90’s.
    Do you offer classes?


  4. Karren Says:

    Thanks for your comments! I have no teaching scheduled.
    Have you thought of buying my book, Shibori: creating color and texture on silk. It is on the blog and is all about doing shibori on silk. A lot about dyeing since one needs to be a good dyer to do resist dyeing, aka shibori. You can buy the book from me, call or fax. We take credit cards.
    I have open studio/sale once a year, the 1st weekend in May, and invite everyone to come and visit.


  5. Maureen Says:

    The sting ray outfit is stunning! It would be a treat see it in person some day. [Next year’s ACC show in SF?] You’re an inspiration for me. Your discussions and images tracking and illuminating your creative processes just draw me in. You teach techniques, formulas and approaches. The sum of all is empowering. I own your book, first seen in our library in San Rafael.


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