Finished the String Ray outfit

12 September 2006

Yesterday I sewed weights on the front and back seam at the hem of the dress, steamed the hem, sewed on the straps and positioned the hook and eye above the zipper. I think that it is done. Grace may make a hat…
Here are some snapshots of the outfit. Without proper lighting it is hard to see the details of the collar in the front and I assure you that the the dress is black, not grey, not navy– just bad lighting not bad dyeing. The leather is shinny black and the silk matelasse is matte black.
Here is my description of the outfit:

This ensemble is composed of two pieces: a black leather jacket and a black silk dress. The starting point for the jacket was the stingray leather piece in the center back with the white pattern down the center and its shape. The shibori dyed pattern in the silk dress was developed to mimic the white patterning in the stingray leather. The pleated leather was also made by shibori techniques. The waves in the collar, peplum and the flounces of the dress were inspired by the movement of the stingray swimming gracefully through the water. The entire ensemble was made with couture construction techniques.

The only thing I would add now is that there is a lot of play with textures in the outfit. The jacket has smooth shinny leather, corregated leather and the sting ray leather has a texture like tiny seed beads embedded. The silk matelasse has a structural texture and the flounces are organza , a crisp smooth texture.
You will not be subjected to more snapshots of this outfit, you’ll have to wait for professional photo shoot for more.


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