Letting go

14 September 2006

Runway shows that some one else organizes and mounts, always have surprises for the designer.
This is related to a rant of mine at the end of this entry when I was sending outfits to Ft. Collins CO for their show. I try to give detailed instructions on how to wear each out fit but it is easy to forget the simple basic things. It is always the unstated assumptions that get you into trouble.
For example this out fit:
and here is a detail of the back
This is made from silk illusion that has been pleated and burned while it is on the pole; resist burning instead of resist dyeing. Anyhow it was one of the first outfits that Grace and I made together. It has a double layer body suit in a nude stretch nylon as a foundation. You can’t see anything through it nor can you see it. The pleated cloth was draped and then hand stitched with invisible thread to the foundation. This all had to be done on the mannekin because when you sewed it laying on the table and then hung it up, it hung in puckers.
Well we took it to Harrogate England for a runway show that was part of a Shibori Conference there in November 2002. When it showed up on the stage there was turquoise bra and panties underneath. No one saw the dress and it took all the king’s men to keep Grace in her seat.
I sent it to New Zeland for the WOW show there and it cost me $250 for return shipping and took so long to come back that it missed a museum show it was scheduled for. The people in New Zeland forgot to fill out the customs forms. I don’t know how it looked on stage, I wasn’t there, no pictures.
Then last year we sent it to the Art in Motion show in Minneapolis; Retroflexion. And they made a DVD for the public TV station so I saw photos. This is is the photo of the same outfit on their site. This time there is white underwear to help focus attention on the crotch!
I forgot to mention that the model should be naked before getting dressed.
So now I make the outfits, label and write directions on how to wear them, ship, then let go.


3 Responses to “Letting go”

  1. M Bunny Says:

    Um, that’s just apalling. At the very least they should have used “nude” underwear!
    Do you send reference photos too?
    Love your work – it’s so beautiful and ethereal. It certainly derserves better than to turn into a “look at my unders” piece.


  2. susan Says:

    This is spectacular and double ugh for the bad taste of those idiot dressers. Honestly, what a gorgeous garment.


  3. Karren Says:

    Thanks. Very difficult piece to photograph, best viewed up close and personal.


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