The Wool Gathering

18 September 2006

wool fleece.jpg
The Wool Gathering happens each year at Young Jersey Dairy about a mile north of Yellow Springs. It is one of my favorite events; fall weather, lots of friends from my weaving days. I saw some of teammates from our Sheep to Shawl team ((at the state fair, 4 people and a sheep have two hours to make a shawl).
But the times change and it sure seems to me that the knitters are taking over the fiber world. This is how they do it.
free knittingclass.jpg
Someone was asking me the color of naturally colored cotton, also refered to as Foxfiber for Sally Fox,( a real pioneer, see some of her strugles) and my answer was that they were all pale shades of brown altho’ one is called green. Here you can see for yourself:
But my favorite part was watching the dogs herd. Amazing! the way they keep the herd together and how exicted they are to work. These were herding ducks (easier to transport) instead of sheep. They could take them over a bridge, thru a tunnel or up a ramp into a pool… just for fun.


3 Responses to “The Wool Gathering”

  1. Claire Says:

    Those fleeces look divine 🙂


  2. Karren Says:

    My kitties thought so.


  3. Marguerite Says:

    Thanks for the ideas! I’m involved with a local school (weaving, spinning, felting) and we are trying to figure out how to promote it. You are so right, that is exactly how to take over, teach children.


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