ArtWear Fashion Week

20 September 2006

3coppertails copy.jpg
We sent 3 garments to this event in Ft. Collins CO ( sending them out ). Last night I got this email

Hello Karren & Grace,
ArtWear Fashion Week was a great success! We had a sold out Preview
Event as well as great participation throughout our week of activities.
As part of ArtWear Fashion Week, five awards were given and we are
pleased to inform you that your garment, ” Copper Tails” is the
recipient of the top award – FIBERARTS MAGAZINE AWARD at this
Thank you for participating this year and we hope you
will show with us again in 2008.

There are rewards now and then.


9 Responses to “ArtWear Fashion Week”

  1. Claire Says:

    Wow!! Congratulations. I love the colour 🙂


  2. CONGRATULATIONS! Well deserved, those garments are stunning even online – they must be exquisite in real life.


  3. glennis Says:

    How wonderful! I hope to see your work in person sometime soon!


  4. Rebecca Geis Says:

    Dear Karren,
    Congratulations for a well deserved award! I’m so glad I found your blog, as you have been an inspiration to me. I had been experimenting with shibori for about three or four months, when I bought your book. Your explanations were the key to unlock the techniques I was trying to achieve. I have much to learn, but your work is such an inspiration, such art to aspire to. Thanks for so generously sharing your talents!


  5. ruth singer Says:

    Wow! Well done. How do you find out about events like this? We don’t have anything like it in the UK, unfortunately.


  6. Congratulations on the award! I think the outfit is gorgeous. It is unique, very flattering, and such a fitting name – “Copper Tails”! This is something I could definitely picture myself wearing. Thanks for the inspiration 😉


  7. Karren Says:

    Thanks for your support— it has always been colleagues who have been supportive of the newest stuff. Couldn’t continue without your support!


  8. totally and utterly beautiful well deserved award and can’t wait to see it in print!


  9. Karren Says:

    Thanks! I don’t think FIBERARTS has any plans to publish it, but it would be nice wouldn’t it?


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