Juried Runway Shows.

23 September 2006

From a comment about the Artwear Fashion Week

How do you find out about events like this? We don’t have anything like it in the UK, unfortunately.

Well let’s just share some info and remedy the situtation.
First you get the prospectus and then submit slides/digital images for jurying in a timely fashion and then ship the garments. None of the ones I submit to have a restriction on where you live, so these are open to you in Australia, UK, Spain, Venezuela…. The hardest part may be getting the images in time for the jurying. We actually made the Copper Tails outfit for the 2005 runway show at the Surface Design Conference. The slides were due in Feb. and we were just finishing the outfit so we took some pictures with my digital camera (the same one I use to take pictures for the blog) and a young woman we were using as a fit model. I cropped them the best I could and sent off this:
This outfit got rejected! We did manage to convince them to show the Copper Tails but not Las Ondas Negras (the one that is featured on the ArtWear Fashion Week page). Once we got proessional shots of the outfit such as this
the outfit has not been rejected and in fact won this prize.
So some upcoming runway shows you can apply for are (all have entry forms on the website):
Surface Design Assocaition Conference
apply in Feb. 2007
Show June 2007, Kansas City MO
apply in the spring (nothern hemishere)
show Sept. 2007 in New Zealand
ArtWear Fashion Week
apply summer 2007
show Sept. 2007 in Ft. Collins CO
Artwear in Motion
apply next June and show in October 2007. This show is unique in that you can jury with any slides then make new outfit for the show.
The weaver’s conferences such as Convergence and Midwest also usually have runway shows.
I actually participated in one in the UK, at the ISS, International Shibori Symposium, held in Harrogate in Nov. 2002.
Does anyone one else have any juried runway shows to add to the list?
The Midwest’s premier rock and fashion show. Through its annual events, Voltage seeks to foster collaboration, engender community and unite music and fashion while providing a national forum for local talent.
Application Deadline: September 29, 2006.
Application Fee: $25, make checks payable to Ruby 3
Application Requirements: Photos of previous work and line proposal for Voltage 2007 should be on disc in jpeg format. Images must be clearly titled and slideshow ready for panel review. Completed application must be included.
Send to:
Voltage: Fashion Amplified
c/o Anna Lee
628 4th Street NE #2
Minneapolis, MN 55413


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