Sent off

26 September 2006

We labeled, wrote up instruction and packed two outfits for the Artwear in Motion Runway Show. In the hands of Fed Ex now.
The first outfit was the Sting Ray one that you have heard endlessly about. The second was one called Sea Shell, to keep with a theme. The description I sent with it, follows:

This outfit consists of three pieces a dress, a belt and a bolero jacket. The dress and bolero are made from a silk organza with extra chunks of organza sewn to it, it was then dyed and then pole wrapped in an arashi shibori technique; discharged and over-dyed. The pleats from this process were set. This cloth was used to make the stretchable tube strapless dress with elastic at the top and the waist. The belt in pearlized leather, which is made like a narrow corset, it will hold the dress secure. Once the size of the belt is adjusted in the back with the lacing it can be put on with the fastners in the front. The bolero goes on last and has and understructure to support and shape the sleeves. All construction techniques are couture.

I am not pleased with these photos, it could be that putting it on a size 12 dressform when it was made on an 8 is part of the problem. The colorway of the dress and bolero is called bing salsa and the leather in the belt/corset if a greeny gold.


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