Resists for Indigo

1 October 2006

I am trying to find a fail resist recipe for a rice resist paste that will take many dips of indigo – any ideas please—Mary

is a comment left on an old entry.
Since I do shibori, in which the resists are created by compressing the cloth, I would recommend that. It will take any number of indigo dips.
But I think that you mean a chemical resist that you apply to the surface of the cloth. I have little personal experience with this kind of resists so all I can do is refer you to others.
Joan over at magic of light, mystery of shadow has recently done a post where she did 4 dips with a rice paste resist to get to this:
Sea shells plain.1.jpg
Wax is used as a resist and it is called batik and Rozome. Betsy Sterling Benjamin has a wonderful book, The World of Rozome: Wax -Resist Textiles of Japan. There are many books on batik.
Another technique used with rice paste resists is Katazome– Japanese for a technique where rice paste is applied thru a stencil and then the dyes, including indigo, are brushed on. This avoids the problems of soaking the rice paste and John Marshall practices and teaches this technique and has a website with a how-to section and a video.

Other chemical resists that have been/are used are mud, dextrins, gutta and a some special
products developed by dye companies .
Sometimes the resists must be applied to both sides of the cloth for this kind of long exposure to dye. An overview of all techniques ( not a how-to book) is in the amazing book, Indigo by Jenny Balfour-Paul.
I hope this points you in the right direction.


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