Back from Westchester

23 October 2006

I was at the Westchester Craft Show and Grace went to Minneapolis. Reports to follow.
I have covered 1276 mi. since I left here last Wed. I have also read a lot of signs on the road. Here’s two I’d like to share:
Exit 36
No rentry
George Bush Center for Intellegence


5 Responses to “Back from Westchester”

  1. glennis Says:

    very funny…..while in japan this past summer we saw many hilarious signs and photo’d some of them. there is even a website devoted to photos of strange signs spotted around japan (mainly in english) …it’s a sport of sorts for tourists.
    hope your show was good.


  2. Lucie Sandler Says:

    please let me know the price of the scarf, and will you be at the craft show at Northwestern?


  3. Karren Says:

    I was at a craft show at Northwestern in August, the only one I have left this year is in New York City on Park Avenue, look at the entry–7.UPCOMING SHOWS. Feel free to call us, 937.767.8961, and we can send you something in the mail.
    And the prices and pictures of each style are
    all in the entry —3. STYLES, PRICES. The hardest part is picking out the color right for you, but at least there is a list of our colors in entry—4. COLORWAYS.
    Sorry we missed you in August and would be delight to try to serve you over the phone!


  4. Kathleen Says:

    Was that W sign for real? That’s a riot.


  5. Karren Says:

    The Center for Intelligence sign is real, remember Bush Sr. worked for the CIA.


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