Flat shibori

30 October 2006

I’m always suprised at a show when some one says to me that there is “nothing else like this here”. I just walked down the same aisle and saw every other wearable booth with shibori. My conclusion is that they only see the pleats and haven’t a clue that even a lot of tie dyed T-shirts are pleated while they are being dyed.
Most shibori is done to create patterning on the cloth. I do my share of it, as you may have seen in the stingray dress. Here are a few examples of interesting patterning crated using arashi shibori, the same pole wrapping technique I use.
This one I found on Sophie Junction’s blog. It looks like the black was discharged and only part of it at that.
that was made by DanteSpirit. This one was dyed and over-dyed.
One point I’d like to make is that the same technique that makes beautiful pleats is different from what I think makes beautiful designs.


3 Responses to “Flat shibori”

  1. sophie Says:

    Thanks for noticing my first attempt at shibori discharge. I think the reason only part of the black cotton was discharged is because it was wrapped too tight.


  2. Karren Says:

    Yes, but it had all discharged, it probably would NOT have been as interesting. It is definitely the proportion between the pattern area and the solid black area that make the image interesting. I don’t know if the piece has the same proportions as the image.


  3. Philippa Olsen Says:

    I have just discovered arashi shibori. I was aware that it existed but, until now, never saw it as a technique I would use. I am quite excited to begin experimenting. Your pieces on this blog are simply breathtaking. Congratulations


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