A new bag?

13 November 2006

crepe bomaki.jpg
This is a piece of silk crepe that I did up in technique I call bomaki. I used this technique to make the pleated leather for Sting Ray jacket.. Here the silk crepe was dyed a bright red , then the the silk was sewn into a tube that fits very tightly onto the pole ( no string involved) and then scrunched together. It was then discharged– too much– and overdyed. The colors are not what I wanted but good enough to try an idea that I’ve had for a small handbag.
The idea is to make a lined bag that will flaten into a circle when on the table, with the pleats as radii. So the circumference of the circle dictates the amount of silk required. I wanted the to have a flower of the unpleated silk in the center when the draw strings are closed.
bag top.jpg
The problem is that closed, that is draw strings a tight as possible, it still has an opening for your keys or condoms to jump out (which ever will cause the maxium disruption). Here you can see on the bottom that even the tightest gathering leaves a hole (the lining is red).
bag bottom.jpg
The opening on the bottom was expected and can be covered by a button sort of thing but the top remains a problem. I can try 2 drawstrings and a shorter bag that has less fabric….
This shot has some charm , the red lining was the starting color of the pleated crepe.
bag open.jpg


3 Responses to “A new bag?”

  1. Sue Seymour Says:

    Wonderful bag, Karren. I remember bags like this. And they did have two draw strings. In fact, I had one from India for many years, embroidered and with little mirrors all around. I loved it! The drawstring was very thin yet strong (which allowed it to close more tightly), and the bottom wasn’t drawn up much but had a pancake-like insert. I used it every day in the 60s and 70s when I wasn’t using the one made from a variety of inkle bands. And I don’t remember ever losing any condoms or anything else out the top, either. The start of a long purse fetish, I’m afraid.


  2. KellyT Says:

    Karren, your bag idea is great. I think a nice closure would be this “gate top” purse frame http://www.baglady.com/ , it would still allow the fabric pleats, but solve the privacy issue.


  3. bitsy Says:

    You could also try http://www.lacis.com for gate-top bag hardware.


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