Tidying up

28 November 2006

I promised you some pictures of finished things from our Dye Day. We did T’s and cotton bandanas. In indigo we did fold & clamp (itajime), stitching (mokume) and binding.
many indigo.jpg
Some pieces were more successful than others (per usual). We all seemed to forget that indigo does not penetrate very far — the underside of a thick cotton jersey does not look nearly as blue as the exposed side does. Folding a T-shirt in half before making the resists protected the inside from the indigo. We did get some good areas (as hoped for). On our last Dye Day we used fiber reactive dyes that really penetrated.
indigo detail.jpg
Here are two shirts made with the same technique, but different styles.
2 styles.jpg
I mixed up three fiber reactive colors and tried out the Dylon Black dye.
Dylon black.jpg
The Dylon black is really black but the lighter areas where the dye diffused in are definately blue. The tree is a stitched resist and the other is a combination of shibori -mountain path- with a tie-dye stained glass effect. Then there were some colors left over…
colored T's.jpg
Used standard tie-dye techniques. Matching bandanas and T’s.

And last was a request for a dragon.
dragon T.jpg
And then the bag that wouldn’t close got two drawstring put into it instead of one and it now closes tightly but in a line not a circle, and the bottom has a button.
finished bag.jpgbutton bottom.jpg
I’m packing for my last show of the year, Crafts Park Avenue. Come and see some shibori.


3 Responses to “Tidying up”

  1. glennis Says:

    Thanks Karren, for the link to Ocelot. I hadn’t seen that site before and I didn’t click to it until just now even though I had viewed your dye day results previously. It is perfect as I have been doing alot more itajime as of late. As always, you are a great resource on the web for anyone interested in shibori.


  2. Zandra Says:

    I was directed to your site as a possilbe lead to silk corduroy; do you know where I could buy it?


  3. Karren Says:

    I have never seen 100% corduroy. I have been sold rayon (pile)/silk (ground) corduroy as silk corduroy.


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