Back from the last show of the year

6 December 2006

I returned from Crafts Park Avenue and have no more shows until the Spring season starts in Feb. 2007. I did an interview with Starcy Jarit of Artrider and will share as soon as possible.
The best sign on the road this time was on on a truck, as I pull up behind an 18 wheeler, I look up and it says–mall delivery. I checked it twice not mail, mall.
Shows and events are the only way to see and touch my shibori. The beauty of the color, how it changes as the silk moves, is not accessible in images. Use the botton at the right to sign up for our notification list. We will send you one postcard when we come to an area that you select. I will update the show list soon.


One Response to “Back from the last show of the year”

  1. Karren Says:

    I try to arrange my schedule so that I go to a market area only once a year, so you can expect one postcard a year. I’m not the only one that has input into my schedule, the shows are juried, and I must adapt.


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