More folding for itajime

6 January 2007

Here are two more sheets of paper I did with the right triangle fold described here. This is also the fold that was used to make these two Japanese pieces (I, II). We have an idea how these Japanese pieces were made; precise right triangle fan fold, two colors and a very quick controlled dip.
Mine were allowed to absorb more ink and look very different.
4-f splotches1.jpg
4-f splotches.jpg
I looove the fuzzy edges of the design where the ink diffuses in.
fuzzy edges.jpg
Another shape that you can fold for itajime is an isoscelese triangle. The goods are fan folded in one directions as before then the triangles are formed in the second folding. This will give the designs 6-fold symmetry, more like snowflakes.
You have a long narrow rectangle at the end of the first fan fold. The first fold will be at a 60 degree angle.
60 angle.jpg
You will some kind of device to measure the angle, a protractor is the first that comes to my mind but the first one I found in my studio was a ruler used by quilters with rotary cutters, that had a 60 degree line marked.
ruler 60.jpg
This first fold goes to the center of the triangle, not all the way. After you make the next fold you will see the entire triangle.
2nd fold 60.jpg
Keep folding back and forth in this manner, matching edges of the paper packet to the edges of the triangle and matching the points. The top side will have a half triangle .
done 60 .jpg
The back side may or may not finished with a full triangle. Keep folding the little bits until nothing sticks out beyond the triangle.
backside folded.jpg
When this paper was all folded I dipped all the edges into sumi ink like I did the others, to form a grid.
Here are two grids I made.
6-f grid2.jpg
6-f grid 1.jpg
You can see that the hexagon has six-fold symmetry like snowflakes and this is the fold used to make a previous entry.
If any of you are trying this, how do you think this piece was folded? Stunning, eh?


One Response to “More folding for itajime”

  1. glennis Says:

    my goodness….you continue to amaze and teach! great stuff!


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