Crafts of the Boomers, for the Boomers.

9 January 2007

In my thinking about the crafts shows I know our customer is mature women. I think this is a neglected but very important segment of the buying public.
From an email from aList News Letter vol. 7

Boomers Boost Business!
Today’s seniors, also known as Baby Boomers control 40% of the disposable income and 77% of private investments in the United States. Baby Boomers are savvy, loyal consumers who crave luxury and love to share their wealth with their extended families. Boomers have incredible buying power and are among the fastest-growing group of potential customers in the world.


One Response to “Crafts of the Boomers, for the Boomers.”

  1. glennis Says:

    The last issue of “Crafts Report” has an article on how people buy which is based on a book (pub. 1998 i think) .
    Why we buy: The science of shopping
    by Zino Vogiatzis
    -a good reminder on some selling basics we as crafters would be wise to heed.


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