More color samples

2 February 2007

samples II.jpg
More sample, try 2. Revised formulas ( formulas are under the sample on the paper)– more DOS for black but since there are no hue issues I went ahead and stitched a resist. I want the design to appear black and white and the cloth is very creamy, I think that it will read B&W but needed to test. Reformulated the blue and tried a kumquat color on this new fabric.
B&W looks good. Blue is closer but not there yet. Kumquat is too light and too yellow.
samples III.jpg
Reformulated the blue and kumquat and added fig, a lavender gray. Made some simple bindings on the blue sample. The binding worked well. I like all of the these colors. And I know that both stitching and binding work well with this fabric.
Did you notice the little yellow numbers on the samples. This is a neat pen; you write on the cloth before it goes into the dye bath and you can still read it after the cloth is dyed. Sure makes it easier to keep track of all my experiments in one dyebath.


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