Shibori Exhibit

4 February 2007

Carter Smith: Shibori Treasures
January 20 – May 6, 2007
Textile artist Carter Smith fills Fuller Craft with fabric, draping the Merton and Alma Tarlow Gallery with yards of his hand dyed silks. Best known for making his beautiful fabrics into unique and daring fashions, such as those worn by Aretha Franklin and Elizabeth Taylor, Smith’s solo installation will feature new designs made used using Japanese shibori dyeing techniques. This exhibition includes works created over the past twenty years, which Smith says, “were too powerful to cut.” Assembled here, they show the importance of material for the maker and the beauty of shibori.
Carter Smith’s site.


One Response to “Shibori Exhibit”

  1. glennis Says:

    I would love to see this show. Some months ago I came across an interview with Carter Smith on a random video podcast site. It was interesting to hear him talk about his work. He seemed to get a lot of enjoyment from creating clothing that makes women feel wonderful. His popular “K” dress is one of those pieces. It seems the video has been removed from the site I had seen it on or I would post the link here.


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