Design samples

5 February 2007

I have dicided I want to use the lavender grey color as a ground color, now I need some colors to go with. I’m going to try some more capped shibori.
This time I am trying a mottled ground color instead of white.
mottled ground.jpg
Then I drew some irregular diamond shapes inspired by the individual floretes of a hydrangea
The space between the motifs is a critical factor; if they are too close the ground becomes mottled too and the design is confusing. There is an inch or more between all motifs. Then I stitched around each shape, starting and stopping in the same place.
After all were stitched I gather them up with all the poofs facing the some way. I don’t know if it is better to cap these poofs or bind them. The binding tends to create a spot that serves as the focal point but just might be too busy with the mottled color. But this is a sample; I’ll try both, since i have 6 motiifs I’ll cap 3 and bind 3.
capped & bound.jpg
Now I don’t want the ground to be mottled so I think I’ll discharge before I dye. After a long soak in water I discharged these dyes.
The ground looks a little turquoise even after washing. But when I added the piece to the dyebath that I had already adjusted to pH 4.5 all the blue went away! Anyhow after dyeing the piece looks good.
dyed fig.jpg
You can see that most of the piece is grey. What is much harder to see is that the color is still there under the plastic caps. Also the color between the motifs look pretty even, at least as much as you can see at this stage.
STAY TUNED FOR THE RESULTS, check the blog tomorrow!
Actually I lost my final picture and I need some daylight to take it again.


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