More testing

13 February 2007

red_ice_leaf_juban_3_panel.jpg over all view
red_ice_leaf_juban_3_detail_1.jpg closer
red_ice_leaf_juban_shib_1_close_1.jpg detail
These are some images I got from a now expired action on ebay of a traditional Japanese piece. I like the individual shapes and the crackle inside the shape. The stylized wisteria doesn’t do much for me. I’d like to try it in a lower contrast color combo. This is a variation on capped shibori.the same technique as in these samples, These samples are more complex because the ground is mottled and I used discharge. I think that the bits of color inside the motif could be emphazied by having a simpler design.
motifs and dots.jpg
Here I’ve drawn and stitched the motifs on the natural color silk. I also bound some dots.
foam painting.jpg
Here I’m applying some pink dye suspended in foam (shaving cream). Note the difference between the color of the foam in the dish on on the silk as the dye leaves the foam to go into the silk.
bound motifs.jpg
Since the silk was damp from dyeing the pink the binding is very tight. Wet silk always compresses more. Then it was immersion dyed a lavender gray.
dyed bound.jpg
This picture is a little out of focus but I think that you can still see that the dye did not take on the compressed silk between the threads. The tip is not compressed and took the gray dye but you can still see pink between the threads bindings.
finished pink motifs.jpg
Here are the finished motifs. I do like the lower contrast but the pink is a little too sweet, don’tcha think. Grace said the motifs looked like lace to her. I think I’ll try it again with a more neutral under color for the motifs. I think I’ll lose the dots.


2 Responses to “More testing”

  1. glennis Says:

    i haven’t tred the foam dyeing method yet. does this allow the dye to be introduced to the fabric more slowly and in a more controlled manner?
    i love the orange auction piece…the high contrast and the fine lines created by the resists.


  2. Jamie Says:

    I especially like the semi-random purple areas created in the center of the pink…they are like little ladders, or twigs lying in a row.
    I never fail to find inspiration from your blog! Thank you!–soon I will muster up the courage to dye my own fabric…


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