More samples

15 February 2007

I would like a color combo that is light in value, so I’m trying a white/rosegold combo. The sides were finger pleated then loosely bound to hold the pleats in place and immersion dyed. As the sample came out of the bath it looked like this:
The bath looked like this:
exhausted dyebath.jpg
This bath is well exhausted, that means that nearly all the dye is on the silk. The dark spots are flame marks on the bottom of the pot. Granted this is a pale color and they are easier to exhaust than say black.
After removing the strings and drying it looks like this:
finished overview.jpg
Or a detail:
finished detail.jpg


One Response to “More samples”

  1. glennis Says:

    i love the fuzziness of the edges where the white melts into color.


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