Black and White Icicle Jacket

21 February 2007

Here is the first finished jacket to share.
So I started with a medium jacket and added stitched resists.
stitched icicles detail.jpg
You can also see the topstitching in the bands abound the edge now.
stitched icicles.jpg
this is an over all view of the resisted jacket ready to be dyed black.
After dyeing you have to carefully remove all the resist threads. This is the most dangerous process; one slip and you make a hole in the fabric and ruin the jacket.
removed threads.jpg
These are the threads I removed and here is the jacket:
B&W icicles.jpg
B&W icicles side.jpg
B&W icicles back.jpg
This jacket is a medium size. We can make it in another size now, before all the jackets are dyed.


2 Responses to “Black and White Icicle Jacket”

  1. Cathy A. Says:

    It’s lovely. The icicle shapes also remind me of wisteria. I’d be interested in reading how you go about determining a price for this item.


  2. glennis Says:

    I agree with Cathy… so much work! I like this one alot.


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