Hydrangea inspired jacket

23 February 2007

The work for this jacket began here, hydrangea and samples and this was the sample I liked
and then excuted on a jacket
early greige jacket.jpg
The steps involved are first dye the jacket a mottled color
mottled jacket.jpg
Then draw the individual floretes,
drawing on mottled.jpg
then hand-stitch the edge of each motif
stitch on mottled.jpg
Each stitched motif is gather anf bound
bound mottled motifs.jpg
then discharged and dyed in a lavender grey dye-bath
dyed bound mottled.jpg
After all the threads are removed, carefully, the jacket looks like this:
mottled motif jacket back.jpg
mottled motif jacket side.jpg
mottled motif jacket front.jpg
This jacket is also a medium, not because I have a thing for mediums but because I they were the first one sewn. Again if you are interseted come to West Palm Beach Fine Craft Show and try it on.


One Response to “Hydrangea inspired jacket”

  1. glennis Says:

    now THAT looks like a lot of work!


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