Entwinements Star Scarf

10 March 2007


This Star Scarf comes in a full range of
colors. It is made from a large piece of silk so that pleated it still looks scarf size. It is a nice size to wear around your neck. It is easy to wear; you simply put it around your neck and then fling one side back. Each one costs $130.
The hottest color at this moment is RED POP. (Red pop is drunk by some here in the Midwest — sorry, I guess it is not a play on words if you have to exlpain it.) I have the star scarf in maybe 25 colorways altogether.
The easiest way to buy a scarf is to come to a show and see, touch and try-on. Nothing can substitute for a try-on. To know when I’m doing a show in your area use the button to the right to get notification. I try to come to a market once each year ( jurys have a different adgenda) so if you sign up for just one market you will only get notification of only one show. NO SPAM, and you can opt out at any moment.
We do sell direct but we need to have a telephone conversation first, mostly about color. The internet is not a reliable way to transmit visual color information. If shows don’t work for you, you may call 937.767.8961, 9-5 East Coast Time. We’ll do our best to get you a scarf that you like.


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