Follow up on mokume

30 April 2007

Maureen writes about how she did the mokume in the second picture in the mokume entry

I thought you’d get a kick out of knowing I used my old Bernina 801 Sport sewing machine to do the gathering stitches. It was done with a widely spaced gathering stitch, ~3/4 inch long. I just added this photo to show the page in the machine manual giving directions on using the Bernina Magic Needle [it has 2 eye-holes] to achieve a widely spaced gathering stitch. You use either a blind stitch or ziz-zag stitch, thread the needle in the upper eye and the needle picks up the bobbin thread only when it swings to the far left position. I now own a Bernina 1530, which has built in a very long basting stitch. I can create the same Mokume pattern using a normal needle, thank god!

Bernina basting.jpg


One Response to “Follow up on mokume”

  1. Diane Says:

    I have a Bernina 830 and an Artista 180. I wouldn’t give up my 830 for anything!


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