Examples of Japanese shibori

16 May 2007

I love the soft fuzzyness of this dye that diffused in. I wish I could get this kind of effect. It reminds me of the Norwegian Trine Mauritz Eriksen’s work, monochromatic on wool.
See more of her work.
One can see the light glowing in these pieces. Stunning!
This is a picture of some Japanese shibori taken by shiborizone and published on Flickr
norenflying bird.jpg
This is a sort of half curtian that the Japanese hang in doorways, it is split in the middle to walk through. This use of stitched shibori to create an image is effective. The bottom of the curtian has a stitched shibori pattern.
noren-bottom pattern.jpg


2 Responses to “Examples of Japanese shibori”

  1. glennis Says:

    I love the black & white pieces especially. I appreciate the study that went into figuring out the folding that went into these intricate designs. wow! I hadn’t seen these before-thanks!


  2. Kristin Rohr Says:

    Thank you so much for posting TME’s work – great pictures on her site.
    Last year a rug hooker came with some felted Pendleton wool to see what my walnut vat would do- lovely soft edges and soft colors. Unfortunately the rug hookers are all over the Pendleton ‘seconds’ wool and it is hard to come by.


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