Beyond Itajime

30 June 2007

Back when I was blogging about itajimeI found this image on the internet:
Pretty spectacular! Referred to as a snowflake design. Looks like indigo on natural cotton. But how was it made?
By studing the design you can see how it was folded. The first fold I see is bringing a corner to the center, until the centers of the snowflakes coincide, like so
3508.3 fold .jpg
followed by bringing the other corners to the center. Now all the snowflake motifs are stacked up The piece is now 5 layers thick and looks like this:
3508. 4 folds copy.jpg
It apperars to me that this square was folded to create the spokes. I’ll fold it in half
3508. 5 folds copy.jpg
And then in half again.
3508.6folds copy.jpg
Now I would bring the corners together
And one more fold
3508.8folds copy.
And then the template would be shaped thus:
3508 copy
Easy, Straight forward but we have 80 layers of cloth and they are NOT fan folded. How can you dye 80 layers of cloth, no matter how thin, with indigo. Indigo does not penetrate very far, so it is ideal for beginner shibori. Even a loose fold ia a resist for indigo. How can we over ride this and get all the layers colored? Returning to the topmost image of the snowflakes they all look well dyed, there are no pale copies here.


One Response to “Beyond Itajime”

  1. glennis Says:

    ok… i give up! how do we get all the layers dyed evenly? I haven’t done much indigo dyeing so I didn’t know of it’s poor penetration qualities. my biggest challenge was trying to fold the piece properly. perhaps i was working with a piece that was too small. how big is the piece pictured? it is fantastic BTW!i’m going to try it again with a larger piece of silk…


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