Origami Shibori

3 July 2007

When I did the recent workshop on Origami shibori with Pat Freiert in St Peter MN the first piece I did was a hemmed thin cotton square she gave us, about 18″. She had Procion MX dyes for us to work with.
folded umbrella.jpg
This is a classic orgami fold: bring all the corners to center.
folded umbrella.1.jpg
Fold all four corners in, and have a new smaller square that is 5 layers.
folded umbrella.2.jpg
Repeat the same folding pattern, bringing the 4 corners to the center,
folded umbrella.3.jpg
So now there are 10 layers of cloth.
folded umbrella.4.jpg
But you can see that it was folded one more time; same fold, bring all the corners to the center.
folded umbrella.5.jpg
So now there are 20 layers and a small square shape.
folded umbrella.6jpg
A chop stick was stuck in the middle of the square and then tied with string much like and umbrella. It was dyed in a aqua immersion dyebath, and then in a purple one. The piece was messaged in the dye bath, before the soda ash was added, to encourage penetration.
The final piece has 13 motifs but some are definitely paler than others. Procion MX is a dye that penetrates deeply but even so the color is not even on all motifs. Next I’ll use a very open weave structure to allow more penetration.


5 Responses to “Origami Shibori”

  1. jude Says:

    loving all the instructions here, and liking how the center motif came out darker actually.


  2. neki rivera Says:

    Was that you Karren who left a message in my blog?
    link is fixed.
    thnx for noticing(and stopping by)
    neki desu


  3. Kristin Says:

    I find the variations in depth of color far more interesting than the perfect snowflake from your previous post. And there is a certain symmetry from strong to pale to moderate intensity radially in the piece.


  4. glennis Says:

    when i first looked at this piece, i thought the light aqua was a halo from discharging….i like that effect. recently you used the term “puzzling out” and i think that is a perfect description of what happens when i look at shibori. it does seem like a puzzle and figuring out the steps that were taken to achieve a pattern is like solving a puzzle! some of the patterns i have yet to figure out…like those posted on narablog.


  5. Karren Says:

    Actually there are only 8 layers, not 20. Sorry.


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