Origami shibori -umbrella

4 July 2007

Another attack on getting the dye to penetrate all the layers in a thick stack of cloth created by origami folding. Use open weave cloth. So I’m doing the same folds but with a very porous cloth, silk chiffon, to try to get good penetration. Here you can see how porous the silk is, you can see all the spots on my print table thu’ the chiffon.
origami chiffon 1.jpg
Here I have folded all the corners to the center, forming 2 layers, and you can still see the spots.
origami chiffon 2.jpg
Another set of folds. Now 4 layers of chiffon and you can still see the spots.
origami chiffon 3.jpg
Another set of folds. These did NOT meet neatly in the center. Now with 8 layers it becomes opaque.
origami chiffon 4.jpg
One last set of folds, now 16 layers.
origami chiffon5.jpg
I pressed and basted the folds in place. Then I inserted a chopstick (I have many in the dye studio) and folded the cloth around it like and umbrella. Parts were tied. Some parts can be pushed together to open that area to more dye.
origami chiffon 6.jpg
After soaking in plain water this was dyed in a yellow gold acid dye.
origami chiffon 7.jpg
At the end of that dyebath it looked like this.
origami chiffon 8.jpg
Some ties were taken out and new ones added.
origami chiffon 9.jpg
Then is was dye red with acid dyes.
origami chiffon 10.jpg
After the red dyebath the ties were re-arranged and it was dyed in a blue acid dye bath and looked like this at the end of the dyeing.
origami chiffon 11.jpg
Now to remove all the resists and see what we have.
origami chiffon 12.jpg
The outside, the one exposed to the dye, looks thus:
origami chiffon 14.jpg
I don’t like the undyed cloth in the top right quadrant. The backside looks like so:
origami chiffon 15.jpg
I can see that the blue didn’t make it all the way thru. And all the way open:
origami chiffon 16.jpg
My conclusion is that there are limits to how far the dye will penetrate even a porous cloth.


One Response to “Origami shibori -umbrella”

  1. Laritza Says:

    This is way nice. Thanks for sharing!


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