Origami shibori book

7 July 2007

origami book.jpg
This is the book, in Japanese, that was the starting point for a lot of the recent exploration. I don’t read Japanese, but there is a enough info to be useful. The ISBN 4-915374-41-6 should get the book. It is all indigo on cotton. I will share a few bits of the book so that you can decided if you want it.
I know of two Japanese bookstores in the US, one in Japan Town in SF and one in Rockefeller Center in NYC. I called the one in SF and they sent it to me.


3 Responses to “Origami shibori book”

  1. glennis Says:

    Thanks for the info on this book. It is one I have never seen before. I’ll be looking for it! Interesting comment on the diaper post. Imagine if moms today made shibori diapers for their babies!!


  2. Nita Wester Says:

    I just received a postcard fro Kinokuniya Bookstores who tried to order the book from Japan from me.ISBN 4-915374-41-6 is out of stock at the publisher and the reprint date is unknown. I am hoping that they will receive lots of requests for it so that the reprint will happen soon. In the meantime, If anyone knows of a book for sale, please let me know. Thanks, Nita


  3. Bev Says:

    I also received word from Kinokuniya in Portland that the book is out of print and out of stock, and will keep looking.


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