My origami shibori

16 July 2007

Here is a piece that was origami folded, then resisted in my own way and immersion discharged. You can see that the discharge did penetrate well.
discharge origami.jpg
Some nice fuzzy edges, eh?
This and others that were done at the same time are here.


2 Responses to “My origami shibori”

  1. glennis Says:

    i like the last black and white one- lots of energy in the angular designs
    i have a question- what determines something as “origami” shibori as opposed to regular old itajime? when i first came across itajime and started playing around with it, i thought-oh, this is like origami! is this just a contemporary term that is being applied to itajime or is there something else?


  2. Karren Says:

    Itajime in my mind is limited to pieces that are fan folded. The fan folding is essential to allow chanels for the dye to penetrate. If you don’t fan fold, but sort roll over and over, you end up with an inside and outside. Only the outside dyes. I have found this a limitation.
    Origami shibori, in my mind, is allowing for folds that are not fan folds and having a way to get the dye to the inside of the cloth bundle that you have folded. Also the origami shibori in the book only uses ties, no templates or clamps.


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