New problems

17 July 2007

I started a line of jackets this year. I use a gauzy silk noil, right off the bolt, to make the jackets. Then they are dyed (there were allowances for the shrinkage) then shibori patterning with discharge and over dyeing. We used all the fabric we had in Jan., having ordered more in early Dec. The new bolts came in May, and were used to make 4 small jackets. When I dyed them they had undyed pinstripes all thruogh them! Here is a shot of the jacket with a seam running though the image right of center.
non-silk warp.JPG
This old weaver tried to pick out the undyed fiber, but no, it is spun in the yarn. The pieces I did get loose look like shedded plastic, a thin white film. UGH!!
I have continued on and here are some shots of the jacket.
small purple passion jacket.JPG
It shows up as fine lines in the solid purple areas.
small purple passion detail.JPG
I’m sending the fabric back.


One Response to “New problems”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Are we allowed to ask who the supplier was? Presumably you get a refund?
    I had some noil from Dharma that had pinstripes in the last 6 inches of the yardage – not too bad, but I had dyed using walnuts from my one tree. Other orders of noil have been fine.


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