Yarn Cleaner

2 August 2007

In light of my recent problems, I have become aware of stray things in yarn. In the most recent issue of Textile World this ad caught my attention:
yarn cleaner.JPG
Let me quote some of the copy:

The YarnMaster… exceeds all previous expectations for comprehensive yarn cleaning of forgein matter and optimal online quality control….Intensive practical trails in various applications have proven that even white and transparent polypropylene in raw white spun yarns is reliably detected.

Polyproylene is a plastic. I guess more than one place has had a problem with incorpation of plastic in their yarns. Who knew!


2 Responses to “Yarn Cleaner”

  1. glennis Says:

    wow…that is interesting.


  2. jude Says:

    i used to work for a mill doing product development, you wouldn’t believe what a big problem this is. often times new products would be rejected purely on the basis of potential contamination. as a designer this is very annoying but as a consumer very easy to understand. some things show up only with certain dyes and conditions. hair raising for any quality control persons….it happens less when a facility limits their range of products.


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