ISS 2008

7 August 2007

I found this announcement in the current issue of FIBERARTS:

In the Works: Shibori Symposium in France
The 7th International Shibori Symposium will take place in October/November 2008 in France—taking advantage of the World Tie-dyed Textile Exhibition at the Museè du Quai Branly in Paris, the renowned Museè des Tissues et Arts Decoartifs in Lyon, and the resurgence of natural dyes in Provence. The World Shibori Network wants to hear from those interested in taking part or attending the symposium: 510.527.3432,

The World Shibori Network website,, has no listing for it yet.
I have attend two of these ISS; 1999 in Santiago, Chile and 2002 in Harrogate, England. ISS in Chile was marvelous, I had pieces in the fashion show and wrote a review of it in the Surface Design Journal. Here are a few images from Santiago.
The ISS in Harrogate was smaller, but I did share an image of a banner I took there. I was one of the presenters in Harrogate. Grace and I worked hard on some new and innovative garments for the Fashion Show in Harrogate and it was a whole different affair (student run) than the event in Chile (very professional). Here is one outfit that we made:
This one has an Egyptian theme and is done with my usual shibori. We did another (sent 4 outfits altogether) that was more innovative. It is silk illusion (often used for bridal veils) and it was resisted in an arashi shibori technique but instead of dyeing the resisted silk, I burned it. It is now ‘Singed Illusion’. Some of the carbonized silk is washed away and the pleats are set. The coloration is due to the burning. I thought that a dress made from Singed Illusion might be appropriate for a second wedding.
Singed Illusion Dress.jpg
Both these images are poor, they were taken with film then scanned. The slides are great. Now all my images are digital, no more film.
But back to the ISS, Chile was fabulous, but in pre-hispanic Chile & Peru textiles were THE art form. Harrogate was interesting. I hope France will be grand. Lyon was the center of the silk industry in France.


One Response to “ISS 2008”

  1. glennis Says:

    I hadn’t seen that orange piece before…love it! What you do with your shibori is amazing to me. In regards to the symposium in France, who wouldn’t love to go to that??
    We’ll have to see. I did speak with Yoshiko Wada recently and offered to help her keep the WSN website more current so things like this are listed in a timely fashion. We will meet in December after her Japan tour and make plans to see that it happens. In the meantime, I guess it’s up to others to see the info gets disseminated as I don’t think much will change before December.


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