A few applause

11 August 2007

This blog has been recognized by Catwalk Queen (Kyra, my 17 yr.old calico says a blog about me? do they talk about earrings (her fav)? Thank you!
This award was genersously given by Stingativity. It carries a responsibility__ to give out 5 more. It was orginated by Writers Reviews. It will take me some time to edit the list down to 5.
Every little bit of recognition for these ramblings on this rather narrowly focused blog serves as encouragement. I send these posting out into cyber-ether. Are they just floating out there, does any one read them? I have hopes that is blog will be more interactive, with you all out there posting comments and responding. Glennis of Shibori Girl is a loyal commenter. If you read and learn or enjoy, could you please make a comment– it is very sustaining. Makes it worth deleting hundreds of junk comments.


12 Responses to “A few applause”

  1. Fiona Says:

    I enjoy your blog! I mentioned your post ‘What people will do to wear red’ on my blog yesterday. Will try not to be shy of commenting in future šŸ™‚


  2. Diane Says:

    A blog isn’t much different than publishing a book. You just put it out there and see who shows up.
    I’m a lazy shiborist using watered down paint on my pole wrapped cotton and while I’m not in your league (like Glennis), I read your blog regularly for inspiration and your updates on the art and craft world.
    Keep up the good work. You rock!


  3. glennis Says:

    I loved that post on the color red! I read the post on DYERSList and thought it would make a great blog topic. (by the way- looked like comments were turned off on the previous two posts for a couple of days but are now appearing again-just FYI) I can’t recommend enough a daily read of the DYERSlist for learning some of the intricacies of dyeing and a great place to ask the tough questions.
    I know people are out there reading this blog… I get hits referred every day from your blog. Some of us are just more willing to take a minute to dish out a little encouragement, make a comment, and ask a question. For me, it’s part of how I educate myself to this daily practice of shibori.
    Really, it only takes a minute….


  4. Danielle Says:

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever commented before, but I’ve been reading and recommending this blog for quite a while, and I also own your book though I’ve only dabbled a little in actually trying out shibori. I remember once I found my blog in your del.ici.ous links tagged “of importance” which was very intriguing. I’ve also really enjoy your posts about the business of crafting. Thanks for blogging – Entwinements is worth awarding =)


  5. Karren Says:

    Glennis I did turn off the comments for more than a day when I was getting 20 “wzx mbd jufgxuloe” comments and hour! These seem to be able to get past the spam filtering services. At least only I see where to find the hot latinas…


  6. coral-seas Says:

    You are in my favourites and I check in every couple of weeks. I know little about shibori and dying but read/enjoy/learn a little every time. Found your recent origami posts intreging and wound myself folding paper trying to work them out.


  7. Casy Says:

    I read your blog almost every day. I am just learning/dyeing Shibori. I took a class at Black Sheep Gathering this last June. I also have your book and two others. I really enjoy your site and your pieces are just beautiful.


  8. fruitbat Says:

    Hi there,
    I came to your blog because my partner and I have been dyeing clothes for our kids and using shibori techniques. It is *always* worth it to read your blog – I read lots of craft-ish blogs and I appreciate yours for being thoughtful and packed with things I didn’t know before. Thank you for the time and energy you invest!


  9. Tracy Says:

    Your blog is one of my main inspirations for my dye work, even though the things I make are nothing like yours. I link to your blog from mine and refer people here all the time.


  10. Tracy Says:

    I don’t comment much cuz, to be frank, I’m usually quite speechless, after reading your blog! šŸ™‚ I hope the fact that I’m the lurking, usually non-commenting, blog stalker that passed on the creative blogger award, doesn’t give you the creeps! Thanx for bringing such beauty to my days.


  11. I love to read your blog and admire your tremendous enthusiam . I am also interested in your views on the ‘craft’ world in general. I’m in the UK and am involved in a new initiative in my county to promote locally produced food and art and crafts The arts and crafts both modern and traditional are lumped together, but I have a big problem with the word ‘craft’ particulary for the modern work. Is ‘designer maker’ any better? Do we need to emphasise ‘contemporary’,’modern’ will these words encourage more interest? Some makers are producing traditional items eg rush and cane chairs. Are the traditional and the modern best kept apart?


  12. I have a Stat Counter so I know how many are looking at my blog. I do get only a few comments, but I’m not seeking them out. My blog is really simply a personal journal but more carefully written in case there is an audience!


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